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Nye-Carb™: Nickel + Silicon Carbide Plating

What Are The Benefits of Nye-Carb™ Silicon Carbide Coatings?

Nye-Carb™ is a chemically applied coating that suspends microscopic, highly consistent uniform sized particles of silicon carbide in a matrix of electroless nickel (90-93% nickel, 7-10% phosphorous). Few surfaces of any type can match the wear resistance of Nye-Carb™.

The extreme hardness of silicon & nickel carbide (approximately 9 on the Mohs scale, almost matching the hardness of diamonds which reads10) makes Nye-Carb plating a wise choice for components that bear heavy loads in the absence of consistent lubrication. As a bonus, Nye-Carb silicon carbide content makes it one of the most wear-resistant coatings in the Electro-Coatings line.

Nye-Carb Nickel Silicone Carbide
Silicon Carbide Coated Components
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Applications of Silicon Carbide Coating

Because coating consistency is a key benefit of silicon carbide plating, it is used on a range of precision parts, such as bolts, pipes and components that have complex geometries, across almost all industries. It is applied in an electroless process, relying on the chemical reaction between nickel carbide, phosphorus and the metal substrate in a high temperature bath. This avoids the coating inconsistencies of traditional plating. Sharp corners remain sharp with no edge built-up, recesses and blind holes are uniformly coated, thru-holes and bores remain straight and untampered in virtually any geometric configuration.

An Electro-Coatings Exclusive

The durability and performance of Nye-Carb™ plating is available only from the coating industry experts at Electro-Coatings. Each application comes with the engineering knowledge and coating craftsmanship of an experienced Electro-Coatings staff, working in a facility equipped with the latest technology for precision coating. The result is consistent quality for industry's most challenging applications, delivered with maximum cost effectiveness.

Nye-Carb™ questions?

For complete technical details or application info on Nye-Carb™, contact us. We'll be glad to show you the difference our "Yes We Can" attitude makes in coating quality and reliability.