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Engineering Industry


Engineering Metal Coatings

Before embarking upon large-scale production of a new design, you may need a prototype or test piece to validate and prove out functionality. For items expected to operate in harsh conditions, corrosive environments or be subjected to abrasion and friction, finding the right surface finish is critical.

At Electro-Coatings, we specialize in helping engineers across all industries pinpoint the best coating for their application, helping move a project from conceptualization to production. A leading industrial materials surface finishing provider, we offer a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of design teams and their stakeholders. Our capabilities include:

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Engineering: Parts Research & Design

When designing a product, end-user satisfaction is the focal point. Research is carried out, and prospective solutions are then coordinated and prototyped. After that, they are validated and, finally, the process is repeated to achieve the most successful result.

A coating development, prototype or test piece ensures the coated material and substrate will work well together. Also, it confirms whether the coating material will suit the contours of the figure. During this process, clients might uncover design errors they would otherwise miss, saving valuable time and money.

To determine the best coating for your application, Electro-Coatings’ engineering, design, and production specialists work side-by-side with your team. We aim to provide performance, lifespan, cost reduction solutions. Some engineered parts we have serviced include:

  • A arms
  • Aluminum Tubes
  • Anvil Rolls
  • Carriage Base
  • Feed Rolls
  • Laminating Rolls
  • Silicone Rolls

The Electro-Coatings Advantage

We have more than seven decades of experience developing coating solutions for custom-engineered, research, prototyping, and testing and validation applications. These advanced coatings create uniform protective barriers that offer the following benefits:

From basic parts to materials with complex dimensions, our engineering-specific services are ideal for clients of all sizes and capabilities. Examples of customers we serve include:

  • Original Equipment Manufacture suppliers
  • Research and design
  • Prototypes
  • Testing and validation
  • Case studies

We have developed custom coatings for a range of industrial applications. These include:

Electro-Coatings is committed to providing a solution that fits your needs.

Each application comes with the engineering knowledge and coating craftsmanship of an experienced Electro-Coatings staff, working in a facility equipped with the latest technology for precision coating. The result is consistent quality for your industry's most challenging applications, delivered with maximum cost effectiveness.

We understand each job is different, so please contact our trained staff to discuss your specific requirements and learn more about our detailed plating processes, technical details, or plating application information. We'll be glad to show you the difference our "Yes, We Can" attitude makes in coating quality and reliability.

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