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Electroless Nickel & Metal Plating Processes

Electro-Coatings was founded in 1943 as an industrial coating company. Our featured product line, rich history, and experience is working with Electroless Nickel, commonly used for its uniform thickness regardless of a component’s geometry which leads to high corrosion resistance and many other benefits. During our corporate-wide, geographical expansion in 1965, Electro-Coatings of Texas was established. Not long after we opened, chrome plating, grinding, and other machine services were brought in to offer a wide array of services to our customers.

Today, we continue our high standards legacy by selecting renowned plating experts and production managers with experience (avg. 24 years seniority) to build and maintain the EC-Texas Electroless Nickel production lines.

Houston Services

Our location in Houston, Texas offers the following services

Industries We Serve

EC-Texas has been serving the following industries for over 50 years:

    • Oil & Gas
    • Paper/Pulp Manufacturing Equipment
    • Food Processing/Handling
    • Roadway equipment
    • Tooling
    • Agricultural
    • Solar Energy
    • Aerospace

With our trademark Electroless Nickel combination processes, such as Nye-Croloy™: Nickel + Hard Chrome Plating, Nye-Tef™: Nickel + PTFE Plating, and Nye-Carb: Nickel + Silicon Carbide Plating, we have opened the door to even more industries that require additional protection of their components due to the high precision requirements and extreme rough conditions.

Each company and each component endures unique conditions. Give EC-TX a call and have our plating experts provide you with a solution.