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Coating Applications Uniform Thickness
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Uniform Thickness of Electroless Nickel Coatings

Few metal coatings can match the thickness uniformity of an electroless nickel plating applied by Electro-Coatings. Because these protective coatings are chemically applied, they create deposits of highly consistent uniform thickness across all surfaces, including edges and complex interior geometries. Each option in the Electro-Coatings family also delivers bonus properties that improve component performance:

The wisest first step in coating selection is a call to an Electro-Coatings applications specialist. Drawing upon years of electroless nickel experience, we can pinpoint the coating technology that strikes the best balance between performance, quality and cost effectiveness.

Electroless Nickel Plating Options that offer Uniform Thickness


Our exclusive, sophisticated electroless nickel coating provides coverage of consistent uniform thickness over a component's entire geometry. The coating is transferred to the substrate by chemical reaction rather than an electrical charge (as in electroplating) or spraying/dipping (as in painting), resulting in less build-up along edges and complete coverage on complex component interiors. In response to customer need for fidelity to tight tolerances, we maintain careful control over the chemical reaction in the Kanigen® bath, which allows us to deliver coating thicknesses to an accuracy of ±10%.

Nye-Kote™ High Phos EN Plating 

The chemical coating process used to apply Nye-Kote™ yields consistent coverage over a component's entire geometry. Because the coating is transferred to the substrate by chemical reaction rather than an electrical charge (as in electroplating) or spraying/dipping (as in painting), uniform thickness is maintained along edges and in complex interior geometries. Controlling the chemical reaction in the Nye-Kote™ bath allows us to deliver highly accurate coating thicknesses (to +/- 10%), in response to customer need for adherence to tight tolerances.

Nye-Tef™: High Uniformity of PTFE (Teflon Coating)

Nye-Tef™ is an advanced, proprietary electroless nickel coating that delivers exceptional lubricity, hardness and corrosion protection without sacrificing conformity to tight tolerances.

The use of a chemical coating process assures completely consistent deposition of the coating. Build-up along edges is eliminated, and intricate designs and internal components receive the same coating thickness as external surfaces. By controlling variables in the chemical bath, highly accurate coating thicknesses (to +/-10%) can be achieved in response to a customer's most demanding specifications.

Nye-Carb™: Electroless Nickel + Silicon Carbide

Electro-Coatings' exclusive Nye-Carb™ coating suspends microscopic particles of silicon carbide in a matrix of electroless nickel. The use of SiC...a material second in hardness only to diamond...allows Nye-Carb™ to maintain its dimensional tolerances despite extreme stress from heat and friction.

The use of a chemical coating process creates precisely consistent coverage over the component's entire geometry. Sharp corners remain sharp with no edge built-up, recesses and blind holes are uniformly coated, thru-holes and bores remain straight and untapered in virtually any geometric configuration. Accuracy in coating thickness of +/- 10% is readily available.

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