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Industrial Metal Coating Company

A passion for innovation, with the expertise for achievement

Willingness to tackle plating and coating challenges is important, but only when paired with the capability to deliver top quality results. Electro-Coatings offers both, along with the experience and facilities to deliver a product cost-effectively.

You can sum up the spirit of Electro-Coatings in a single word: Yes.

We take a positive, can-do approach to the big jobs that present exceptional challenges in coating and plating.

Reinforcing this optimistic "Yes We Can" spirit is a traditionally careful attitude toward making performance promises. We don't say Yes without the capability to back our words up. This has led us to develop an exceptionally broad range of options in coating and plating facilities and technology:

  • Three nationwide locations (Texas, California, Iowa) that offer dual advantages:
    • Greater overall production capacity
    • Logistical flexibility to minimize shipping time and cost
  • An industry-leading range of proprietary coatings & electroless nickel plating
  • Advanced experience in many traditional coating types
  • Equipment scaled to coat components of greater size, weight, length and volume
  • A range of in-house support services that minimize outsourcing:
    • Remanufacturing of rolls
    • Complete finishing services, including balancing, magnafluxing, sandblasting, grinding, machining, blasting, honing, passivation and electropolishing

At the bottom line, anyone in the industry can say Yes We Can. For nearly 70 years, Electro-Coatings has offered something far more important: the capability to say Yes It's Done... done right, right on time and at the right price. For more information on our products please contact us.

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