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Coatings that Reduce Friction

Every coating in the Electro-Coatings family offers a bonus: additional performance attributes that lengthen working life, adapt to special uses or improve a finished component's cost effectiveness. The biggest bonus of all is the insight and expertise of an Electro-Coatings applications specialist, who helps each customer choose the coating technology that strikes the best balance between quality and cost effectiveness.

How Electroless Nickel Provides Friction Protection

The hard finish and exceptionally consistent uniform thickness provided by electroless nickel make it a trusted choice for friction reduction. It has been an industry standard for protection of metal components whether they be iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, aluminum, and their alloys.

Elctro-Coatings offers various types of Electroless Nickel Coatings that all provide different levels of protection.

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Feel free to browse the options below, or contact us for an application-specific coating recommendation.

Why Nye-Kote™ is used for Friction Control

Nye-Tef is an electroless nickel coating specially formulated by Electro-Coatings to gain specific advantages from the components it is made from. The hardness and uniform thickness of a Nye-K™ote treated component creates an extraordinarily smooth finish, spreading the effects of friction evenly across a wear surface. Component manufacturers often choose Nye-Kote for the additional benefits it offers beyond friction resistance: corrosion resistace and excellent uniform thickness.

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Unbeatable Friction Resistance of PTFE (Teflon Coating)

Teflon coatings are one of the world's most friction free materials. These surface coating solutions are self lubricating, highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and has excellent adhesion which allows for an increased control on uniform thickness.

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HVOF Spray-on Friction Protection

The internal page for HVOF Friction Control is centered around its superior adhesion, wear resistance, and hardness

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Advantages of Hard Chrome with Friction Control

Electro-Coatings process of applying a hard chrome coating to metals is known as an Electralloy process. It provides a high resistance to friction and the damage that could be caused during the use of machining parts without changing component dimensions

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Friction Tests completed on Samples of Steel

Electro-Coatings provides you with comparisons done with each of our coating processes in order to give you the expected and desired results.

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