Wear Resistant Metal Coatings

Surface hardness is one of many benefits delivered by the Electro-Coatings family of wear resistant coatings. Each of our three options help components maintain closer conformity to specified dimensional tolerances.

Behind each wear resistant coating option stands an Electro-Coatings applications specialist, ready to help choose the coating technology that strikes the best balance between performance, quality and cost effectiveness.

How Electroless Nickel Plating offers Wear Resistance

Nye-Carb™: Silicon Carbide Plating (Nye-Carb™: Electroless Nickel + Silicon Carbide)

The extreme hardness of silicon carbide...approximately 9 on the Mohs scale, compared to 10 for diamond...makes Nye-Carb a wise choice for components that bear heavy loads in the absence of consistent lubrication. Few surfaces of any type can match the wear resistance of Nye-Carb™, a chemically applied silicon carbide coating that suspends microscopic, highly uniformly sized particles of silicon carbide in a matrix of electroless nickel (90-93% nickel, 7-10% phosphorus.)

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Other Wear Resistant Coating Options

Browse the options below, or contact us for an application-specific coating recommendation.

Hard Chrome Plating

For resistance to indentation, scratching, bending or shearing, few coatings can match the strength of Electro-Coatings hard chrome plating. The surface delivers durability through a coefficient of hardness that is among the highest of all metal coatings.
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HVOF Spray-on Coating

The High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) coating application process increases the wear resistance of many types of Electro-Coatings protective coatings, while delivering extra bond strength for longer component life.
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Wear Resistance Test Data

This report presents the results of Taber Abrasion test conducted on samples of coated steel plates. The testing data analysis was completed on March 21, 2008.
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