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Electro-Coatings offers a wide range of industrial metal coverings for roller fabrication and repair. Industrial coatings serve very functional purposes, such as corrosion and wear resistance, rather than cosmetic purposes.

 We provide these metal roller coverings for all types of industries, including chemical and petroleum, printing, aircraft, textiles, electrical, food processing and many more.

Metal Platings/Coatings CA IA TX
Chrome – we provide industrial plating services, NOT decorative plating      
• Hard Chrome, Nye-Croloy™  
• Thin Dense Chrome, Electralloy™
HVOF, High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (i.e. flame spray)    
Nickel – plating comparison table
Electroless Nickel

• Electroplating

• High Phosphorus Nickel, Nye-Kote™

• Nickel + Sulfamate Nickel  
• Nickel + Chrome, Nye-Croloy™  
• Nickel + Silicon Carbide, Nye-Carb™    
• Nickel + PTFE, Nye-Tef™    

 For rollers that require friction control, abrasion resistance, easy solderability, and hard coatings, Electro-Coatings can help. 

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