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Zinc Electroplating Services in Iowa


Zinc Electroplating

Long zinc plating tanks available exclusively at Electro-Coatings of Iowa

"Yes, We Can!" meet your high volume or length-critical tube, bar, frame, etc. zinc plating needs!

We can zinc plate:

  • Extremely large frames
  • Weldments
  • Hydraulic tubing up to 20 feet
  • Hex Shaft
  • Threaded Rod
  • And more 

Not only are we well suited for long, hard-to-plate items, but we can also handle high-volume rack-plating requirements. Give us a call and talk with a plating expert to customize your plating requirements.

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Advantages of Zinc Electroplating

Zinc oxide is a fine white dust that, unlike iron oxide, doesn’t break down the substrate’s surface integrity as it is formed. Much like aluminum or stainless steel oxidation, zinc plating forms a sacrificial barrier around the substrate – it corrodes first, thereby protecting the metal underneath. Protection is typically measured in salt spray performance, such as specified in ASTM B117. A chromate or passivate is applied over the zinc for additional corrosion protection. This chromate or passivate can be clear, yellow, and under certain circumstances, olive drab.

Zinc Electroplating Processes

  • Plating baths are high-efficiency alkaline processes.
  • Zinc electroplating rates are comparable to acid plating baths, but at lower current densities, providing better distribution of 1.5 to 2:1.
  • Standard AND fully RoHS compliant processes available and contain no hex chrome
  • Processes run most efficiently at lower amps per square foot. This means we can load our racks with up to 100% more parts and maintain thickness at the same amperage and time. This considerably increases our production rates! Current density ratios are very critical when handling long parts with critical dimensions.
  • Equipped with a small, batch heat treat oven, and a large oven for hydrogen embrittlement relief.

 We are currently providing clear and yellow passivates, but will consider other options, based on volume and customer needs.

Standard and fully RoHS compliant processes available. In hex-chromate processes, specifications require yellow, just to reach 96 hours of salt spray protection. With our high salt spray, trivalent passivates, we can provide 144 hours in our clear passivate and 120 in yellow without hex chrome.

The plating world is changing and moving away from hex chromates because of global demand to get “greener”. Electro-Coatings has been a leader in providing RoHS compliant processes even before the market demanded.

Electro-Plating's Experience

Electro-Coatings of Iowa has offered zinc electroplating along with processes such as Kanigen® electroless nickel alloy; Electralloy™ thin dense chromium; industrial hard chromium; and stainless steel passivation for 75 years. Call on us with your questions, comments, and requests for quote. We would be happy to be the solution for your zinc electroplating needs!

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