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Kanigen® Nickel Electroless Plating

Kanigen® is a time-tested coating that maintains tight tolerances and superior performance.

For nearly half a century, the Kanigen® name has been synonymous with quality, consistency and resistance to friction and corrosion in metal coatings.

Kanigen®: The Gold Standard for Consistency

Electro-Coatings' exclusive, technologically advanced electroless nickel plating provides coverage of unvarying depth over a component's entire geometry. The Kanigen® nickel coating is transferred to the substrate by chemical reaction rather than an electrical charge (as in electroplating) or spraying/dipping (as in painting), leading to less build-up along edges and complete coverage on complex component interiors. Controlling the chemical reaction in the Kanigen® allows us to deliver highly precise coating thicknesses (to an accuracy of +/- 10%), in response to customer need for fidelity to tight tolerances.


  • Friction control: Kanigen® phosphorus content creates a natural lubricity that minimizes heat buildup and reduces scoring and galling. The consistent smoothness of Kanigen® distributes the effects of friction evenly across a wear surface. This attribute can be further enhanced by surface polishing
  • Corrosion resistance: Nye-Kote™ 's phosphorus content makes it far more resistant to corrosion, avoiding the microscopic fissures that commonly occur in hard chrome electroplating. Chemical content of the coating may be adjusted to deliver the level of corrosion resistance desired by an end user
  • Performance options: In addition to Kanigen™, Electro-Coatings offers Nye-Tef™ for superior friction reduction and Nye-Carb™ for extra wear resistance, along with a full complement of plating and coating options

Exclusive Kanigen®

Kanigen® are available exclusively from Electro-Coatings. The EC staff has fine-tuned the Kanigen® over thousands of applications, maximizing coating quality for peak performance. Behind their craftsmanship stands the technology to precisely control the chemical deposition and heat treating processes for consistency in results from component to component.

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