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News Zinc Electroplating Large Parts and Components
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Zinc Electroplating Large Parts & Components


Zinc Electroplating Large Parts & Components

Electro-Coatings of Iowa has the longest Zinc plating tanks in the Midwest

Electro-Coatings has been in the metal finishing industry for nearly 70 years, and works to improve all of these processes to the benefit of our customers such as with our alkaline zinc electroplating. We have the longest rack plating tanks in the Midwest, at 22 feet! We can zinc plate extremely large frames and weldments and long hydraulic tubing, hex shaft, threaded rod, etc. Not only are we well suited for long, hard-to-plate items, we can handle high volume rack plating requirements.

Our plating baths are high-efficiency alkaline processes. Our plating rates are comparable to acid plating baths, but at lower current densities, yet still provide a distribution of 1.5 to 2:1. These processes run most efficiently at lower amps per square foot. This means we can load our racks with up to 100% more parts and maintain thickness at the same amperage and time. This considerably increases our production rates! We are equipped with a small, batch heat treat oven and a large oven for hydrogen embrittlement relief.

Staying ahead of the curve

We are currently providing clear and yellow, high salt spray, non-hex, trivalent passivates. Our RoHS compliant trivalent passivates provide 144 hour in clear and 120 in yellow. Alongside our Zinc Electroplating, Electro-Coatings offers processes such as Kanigen® electroless nickel alloy; Electralloy™ thin dense chromium; industrial hard chromium; stainless steel passivation. Call on us with your questions, comments, and requests for quote. We would be happy to be your solution for your industrial plating needs!