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Xylan is in a category of coatings known as dry film lubricant coatings, which protech and lubricate while they are in solid rather than a liquid phase. Electro Coatings offers a number of high quality and high temperature resistant Xylan coatings to fit your specific needs.

Advantages of Xylan Coatings

    • Remain effective at very high and low temperatures
    • Xylan coatings are low friction, meaning they can withstand much more weare than liquid lubricants are able to
    • Provide non-stick and release properties
    • Extremely resistant to corrosion and chemicals
    • Provides strong adhesion

Grades of Xylan Coating

Xylan 1014

Xylan 1014 has a high temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction and is resistant to abrasion and other forms of wear. It's commonly used for any surface that requires lubrication, including hinge pins, piston casting, compressors and fasteners.

Xylan 1052

Xylan 1052 is very resistant to high temperature as well as several forms of abrasion and wear. It is generally used for high load carrying applications and to prevent wear of mating surfaces such as bearings, sealing rings and valve springs, among several others.

Xylan 1070

Xylan 1070, with its low coefficient of friction, is resistant to high temperatures, abrasion, wear and corrosion. It is typically used for threaded fasteners.

Xylan 1400

Xylan 1400 is extremely resistant to corrosion of several substances including standard corrosion, weathering, chemicals and acid rain. It's used with fasteners for buildings and in chemical process as well as oil and offshore industry applications.

Xylan 1424

Xylan 1424 is a corrosion resistant dry film lubricant. It is used for any mating surface which requires lubrication. These including hinge pins, piston casting, compressors and threaded fasteners.

Xylan 1425

Xyland 1425 is another dry film lubricant used in applications with high load carrying capacities, as well as spplications that require extreme pressure and low speeds.

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