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Nye-Kote™: High Phos EN Plating

Electroless nickel coating for natural lubricity and consistent protection

What Is Nye-Kote™

Nye-Kote™ is Electro-Coating's exclusive electroless nickel plating. The high level of phosphorus in a Nye-Kote™ coating makes it very resistant to corrosion and provides corrosion resistance unmatched by any coating that we offer. Nye-Kote™ is commonly recommended for Agricultural Equipment, Steel Mills, and Oil & Gas Industries where parts, printing rolls, pistons, pumps, turbine blades and rotors are expected to perform flawlessly in harsh environments such as a rig surrounded by sea water. Chemical content of the coating may be adjusted to deliver the level of corrosion resistance desired by an end user.

The hardness and highly consistent thickness of a Nye-Kote™ coated component creates an extraordinarily smooth finish, spreading the effects of friction evenly across a wear surface. Component manufacturers often choose Nye-Kote™ for the side benefits it offers beyond friction resistance:

High uniformity in coating thickness. Because the coating is transferred to the substrate by chemical reaction rather than an electrical charge (as in electroplating), equal coating density is achieved without respect to the geometry of the object being coated. By controlling the chemical reaction in the Nye-Kote™, it is possible to deliver highly accurate coating thicknesses, preserving precise component tolerances

High Phos Electroless Nickel Coating

Applied By Experts

As both the developer and sole applicator of Nye-Kote™, the experts at Electro-Coatings know how to maximize coating quality for peak performance. Their expertise is supported by the technology to precisely control the chemical deposition and heat treating processes for consistency in results from component to component.

Learn More About Nye-Kote™

Accessing the coating engineers and application experts behind Nye-Kote™ is as easy as a phone call to Electro-Coatings. We'd be glad to put our "Yes We Can" engineering spirit to work on a specific coating challenge, or to expand your knowledge on the range of possibilities in electroless nickel coatings.