Static and Dynamic Roller Balancing

Electro-Coatings, Inc. now offers both static and dynamic balancing.

Dynamic balance is a state of balance of a rotating body where in its weight (mass) is so distributed about the axis of rotation that there will be no tendency to displace the axis of rotation when running.

Static balance is a state of balance existing in a rotating body when there is coincidence between its center of mass and its axis of rotation, so that the body is in a neutral equilibrium under the action of static forces. Electro-Coatings, Inc. machines can handle parts up to 104 inches in diameter X 20 feet in length, weighing up to 20,000 pounds.

Advantages of Balancing

Most all rotating parts, such as fans, rollers, shafts, etc., should be kept in balance. A balanced part:

  • Runs without noise – for a cleaner environment
  • Runs without vibration – for greater reliability
  • Is essential to accuracy in machine operations
  • Requires less power to turn
  • Increases bearing life

A Key Consideration

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