In-Line Valve Repair

In-Line Valve Body Repair

Electro Coatings has extensive knowledge and experience when repairing in-line valve bodies whether they be gate, globe, check, double block and bleed, and non-return valves. After going through the reconditioning and replating process the valves are leak and hydro tested per API standards prior to shipment.

Reconditioning Process

Electro-Coatings offers reconditioning of General Twin Seal Valves and other valve body models, from Cameron, Orbit and TruSeal. We will overhaul your body back to your specification. Our exclusive overhaul process includes the following key steps:

  1. Every body is qualified for re-manufacturing by checking sizes and visual inspection
  2. Stripped Valve Body for repair Removal of old coating (electroless nickel or hard chrome)
  3. Pregrinding a valve for repair Turned down to remove damaged material
  4. Hard chrome plated valve body Industrial hard chrome plate
  5. Valve body finished grounded Finish grind back to customer specified finish size
  6. Full 100% inspection of all finished dimensions

A Key Consideration

For details, answers to valve body questions or to sample our Yes We Can attitude toward customer service, contact an Electro-Coatings product specialist.