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Nye-Croloy™: Nickel + Hard Chrome Plating

Nye-Croloy™(Nickel/Chrome Coating) was created in order to combine the corrosion resistance of electroless nickel plating with the hardness and abrassiveness that is offered by hard chrome plating. Nye-Croloy™ is especially beneficial to equipment or tools that operate in a highly corrosive/wear environment in oil field and pumping industries. This flourished into a coating that works in almost any application requiring protection from corrosion and wear, including hydraulic cylinders and rods, print cylinders and actuator cylinders, and outer drive units, to name a few.

Industrial hard chrome is one of the industry standards against wear. But industrial hard chrome has a natural microscopic crack pattern. In some applications such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and weak acid exposure, the chlorides are able to penetrate the cracks in the hard chrome and corrode the base material. Applying a thin layer of electroless nickel plating like Nye-Kote™ or Kanigen® creates a barrier coating eliminating any corrosive material from attacking and corroding the substrate.

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Nickel/Chrome Plating Benefit

  • Cost savings due to the coating's resistance in corrosive environments.


Features of Nickel/Chrome Coating

  • Corrosion resistance - Nye-Croloy™ has the ability to greatly improve the corrosion resistance of your base material. Sul-Croloy™ (Sulfamate Nickel/Chrome) has become a popular coating for hydraulic cylinders and rods or any part working in very corrosive environments. With the high rates of deposition, damaged parts can be repaired in a timely manner.
  • Allows lubricity

Industry Applications

Nye-Croloy™ Nickel/Chrome Coatings are most frequently found in the following industry applications.

  • Oil field
  • Petroleum
  • Printing

Industrial Application Examples

  • Oil tool industry
  • Hydraulic shafting
  • Printing cylinders
  • Actuator cylinders