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Industrial Chrome Coatings

Industrial chrome plating and hard chrome plating continues to be one of the most popular coating choices. Chrome plating provides strong sliding wear and abrasion resistance as well as a bond to base metals that is superior to that of other coatings. Chrome plating is used to reduce friction (chrome plating provides a low coefficient of friction), prevent galling and minimize wear, making it perfect for various engineering applications.

Electro Coatings has over 70 years of experience with high-quality chrome coatings and offers several types of chrome coating services.


Electroless Nickel/Chrome Plating

Nye-Croloy™ was originally created to combine the corrosion resistance of electroless nickel plating with the hardness offered by hard chrome plating. It pairs an industry standard against wear with the corrosive resistance from electroless nickel plating.

It is commonly used in the oil tool industry as well as hydraulic shafting, printing cylinders and actuator cylinders.


Sul-Croloy™ is a two layer electroplated coating of sulfamate nickel and hard chrome. This can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of hard chrome electroplating by adding sulfamate nickel.


Thin Dense Chrome Plating

Electralloy™ is Electro-Coatings' exclusive thin dense chrome plating process, delivering a highly corrosion, wear, and friction resistant surface without significant dimensional distortion sometimes present in standard industrial thin dense chrome plating.

It is most useful when very tight dimensional tolerances are key and there are to be no secondary grinding or polishing operations. Additionally, the nature of the thin layer provides increased corrosion protection, due to the absence of micro-cracking found in industrial thin dense chrome, with thicker plating deposits.  

Industrial Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome plating, one of the most popular choices of coatings due to its hardness, is primarily added to a substrate material for the purposes of wear resistance.