Hard Chrome Data for Corrosion Resistance

The following table is a general indication of the electroplating resistance of hard chrome to various corrosive agents. The corrosiveresistance of hard chrome in actual use is affected by operatingfactors, such as temperature, concentration, aeration and the presence of other constituents in the corrosive medium. As a result, the electroplating hard chrome data in this table must be considered only anapproximation. For critical conditions it may be preferable to conduct a test in the actual solution in use and under the actual operatingconditions.

Also note:

  • "C" indicates behavior at approximately 55°F
  • "H" indicates behavior at approximately 135°F
  • Except where otherwise noted results are given for 10% solutions of the chemical in water.
Chemical Excellent Moderate Poor
Acid Acetic C H  
Acid Benzoic Sat. C/H    
Acid Butyric C/H    
Acid Chromic   C/H  
Acid Citric C H  
Acid Hydrobromic C   H
Acid Hybrochloric     C/H
Acid Hydrofluoric     C/H
Acid Hydroiodic C H  
Acid Lactic C H  
Acid Nitric C H  
Acid Nitric 100% C/H    
Acid Oleic 100% C/H    
Acid Oxalic C/H    
Acid Palmitic 100% C/H    
  C   H
Acid Phosphoric c.p. 85% C H  
Acid Phosphoric crude   C H
Acid Picric C/H    
Acid Salicylic sat. C/H    
Acid Stearic 100% C/H    
Acid Sulfuric   C H
Acid Sulfuric 100%     C/H
Acid Tartaric C H  
Aluminum Chloride C H  
Aluminum Sulfate C H  
Ammonia C/H    
Ammonium Chloride C H  
Atmosphere C/H    
Barium Chloride C/H    
Beer C/H    
Benzyl Chloride Sat. C/H    
Benzoyl Chloride 100% C/H    
Brass molten H    
Calcium Chloride C/H    
Carbon Dioxide C/H    
Carbon Dioxide C/H    
Carbon Disulfide Sat. C/H    
Carbon Tetrachloride Sat. C/H    
Carbon Tetrachloride 100% C/H    
Chloride of Lime   C H
Chloride, dry C    
Chloride, moist     C
Chlorobenzene sat. & 100% C/H    
Copper Chloride   C H
Copper Sulfate C/H    
Ferric Chloride C H  
Ferrous Chloride C H  
Glue C/H    
Hydrogen Sulfide 100% C/H    
Magnesium Chloride C/H    
Mercuric Chloride     C/H
Petroleum Crude C/H    
Phenol C/H    
Printing Ink C    
Sodium Carbonate C/H    
Sodium Chloride C/H    
Sodium Hydroxide C/H    
Sodium Sulfate C H  
Stannous Chloride C   H
Sulfur 100% C/H    
Sulfur Dioxide C/H    
Sugar C/H    
Tin, molten 100% H    
Zinc, molten 100% H    
Zinc Chloride C H  
Zinc Sulfate C H