Flow Meter Tube Repair

Process of Repairing Flow Metering Tube

Electro-Coatings remanufactures Flow Metering Tubes of all models, from gas to liquid. We will overhaul your tubes back to your specifications. Our exclusive overhaul process includes the following key step:

Eight step processing to meet or exceed your specifications:

  1. Flow metering tube to be repairedAll tubes are qualified for re-manufacturing by checking sizes and visual inspection
  2. Removal of old coating (electroless nickel or hard chrome)
  3. Polish and weld repair as required
  4. Prehoning metering tubePre-Hone
  5. Industrial hard chrome plated liquid metering tubeIndustrial hard chrome or Electroless nickel plate per specification
  6. Flow metering tube repairedHone/Polish to achieve required surface finish
  7. Repaint exterior as required
  8. Full 100% inspection of all finished dimensions

A Key Consideration

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