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Chemical Industry

Electro-Coatings has decades of experience producing industrial coatings to satisfy a wide range of needs. Below is a short list of coating applications and processes that have proven successful in the chemical industry.

Below is a list of Chemical Indsustry parts and components we have serviced:

  • Boiler Tubes
  • Chokes and control valves
  • Compressor blades & impellers
  • Valves






Electro-Coatings is committed to providing a solution that fits your needs.

Each application comes with the engineering knowledge and coating craftsmanship of an experienced Electro-Coatings staff, working in a facility equipped with the latest technology for precision coating. The result is consistent quality for your industry's most challenging applications, delivered with maximum cost effectiveness.

We understand each job is different, so please contact our trained staff to discuss your specific requirements and learn more about our detailed plating processes, technical details, or plating application information. We'll be glad to show you the difference our "Yes, We Can" attitude makes in coating quality and reliability.