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Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Abrasion, also known as grinding or wearing away due to friction, is a factor on any industrial part, no matter the hardness. Abrasion resistant coatings help to minimize the effect of friction on the outer surface of metal parts. We offer four different options for your abrasion restant coating solutions:

Abrasion resistant coatings offer bonus performance benefits.

With the Electro-Coatings family of abrasion resistant coatings, hardness is only the beginning. Each of our four options help components maintain more conformity with specified dimensional tolerances, while maintaining a profitable mix between bond strength, coverage reliability, dimensional stability and cost effectiveness.

Every coating is backed by the expertise of an Electro-Coatings applications specialist, ready to help you choose the technology that delivers the best balance between performance, quality and affordability.

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Abrasion resistant coatings we offer:

Hard Chrome advantages for Abrasion Resistance

Exceptional hardness to 68-70 Rc.

Many manufacturing environments subject components to extreme static and kinetic friction. To protect these components from resulting abrasion, many end users turn to hard chrome for added protection. Its outstanding hardness among the highest of all metal coatings makes hard chrome plating a superior option for users needing protection from adhesive wear, including scuffing, scoring and galling.

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Kanigen® Electroless Nickel Coating with Hardness equal to Hard Chrome

Time-tested toughness with hardness greater than electrolytic nickel, equal to hard chrome.

Kanigen®'s hardness and phosphate composition combine to offer excellent lubricity. An overall hardness level for Kanigen® of 49 Rockwell C can be enhanced through alternative formulations to approach Rockwell C 70, making it a cost-effective replacement for hard chrome plating.

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Nye-Kote™ Electroless Nickel Coating

Nye-Kote™, Electro-Coating's exclusive electroless nickel coating, combats abrasion with exceptional hardness, precise consistency and long term lubricity.

The phosphorus content of Nye-Kote™ provides a naturally smooth friction fighting surface that minimizes heat buildup to reduce scoring and galling. The hardness and highly consistent thickness of a Nye-Kote™ component creates an extraordinarily smooth finish, minimizing "hot spots" where abrasion can take hold.

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Nye-Carb™ (Electroless Nickel + Silicon Carbide) Coating with Diamond-like Hardness

Few surfaces of any type can match the wear resistance of Nye-Carb™, an electroless nickel coating that integrates microscopic, highly consistent uniform particles of silicon carbide into the matrix.

The extreme hardness of silicon carbide - approximately 9 on the Mohs scale, compared to 10 for diamond - gives Nye-Carb™ the ability to bear heavy loads in the absence of consistent lubrication. As a bonus, Nye-Carb™'s silicon carbide content makes it one of the most heat-resistant coatings in the Electro-Coatings line.

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