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Paint / Film Services

This service is currently available at the following locations:

Houston, TX

Electro-Coatings of Texas announces new paint/film services, focused on high performance components in need of corrosion protection or lubricity. With a new paint booth and experienced painters, this process falls in line with our current offerings of various surface coatings and we remain dedicated to offering coating solutions that are required from our customers.

Painting Service Capabilities
Zinc Phosphate Coating & Zinc PrimerThese modified alkyd primers are powerful rust inhibitors and can be applied in between coats to further shield against rust.
Marine Based Air Dry EpoxyFormulated for high performance use in marine and offshore applications
Xylan Dry Film LubricantsUsed for protection and lubricity in extremely harsh environments

Zinc Phosphate Coating & Zinc Primer

These modified alkyd primers are powerful rust inhibitors and can be applied in between coats to further shield against rust.

Zinc Phosphate:

Sometimes called Zinc Phosphating, zinc phosphate is a corrosion resistant coating used on metal surfaces as a paint primer.

  • Phosphate conversion coating
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Increases adhesion and durability of organic paints and finishes

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primers

  • Excellent application properties
  • Tough abrasion resistant film
  • Excellent adhesion and undercutting resistance
  • 75% zinc in a dry film

Marine Based Air Dry Epoxy

Water based catalyzed epoxy is a two-component water based, catalyzed, epoxy resin coating formulated for high performance use in marine & offshore service.

  • Excellent Chemical & Corrosion Resistance
  • Tough Impact and Abrasion Resistant Film
  • Flash rust resistant
  • Low odor/nonflammable
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
  • ASTM D3730

Xylan Dry Film Lubricants

Xylan falls into a category of coatings known as dry-film lubricant coatings, which protect and lubricate while they are in solid rather than liquid phase. Some benefits of dry-film lubricants include:

  • They remain effective at very high and very low temperatures where liquid lubricants would vaporize or freeze.
  • They are characterized by low-friction, meaning that they can accommodate much more wear than liquid lubricants.
  • They provide good non-stick and release properties.
  • They are extremely corrosion and chemical resistant.